Redondo Beach Harbor Drive Bicycle Solution

Vitality City’s Liveability expert, Dan Burden, explains how the proposed Class I Bike Path (Cycle Track) on Harbor Drive in Redondo Beach will work as part of the Vitality City Liveablity Plan and the South Bay Bicycle Master Plan. SBBC Board Member, Joe Galliani, interviewed Dan after their breakfast meeting this morning at Good Stuff […]

Workshops a Success…Now Comes the Hard Part

With an aggressive round of seven community open houses officially done, I am proud to report that they were a smashing success!  Upwards of 300 community members across our seven partnering cities joined us to share their knowledge and experiences as both cyclists and motorists in the South Bay. We heard about the various challenges […]

Seven Cities Adopt Supporting Resolutions

As of Tuesday, October 5th 2010 all seven of the South Bay Bicycle Master Plan partnering cities adopted resolutions formalizing each cities’ support of the project.  The support will come in the form of a staff and council liaison that will be available to provide input into the plan, help garner municipal support going forward […]

Seven-City Bike Master Plan Update

Latest Accomplishments: On Tuesday, September 14th, the City of Hermosa Beach adopted the resolution to provide staff and Council support throughout the South Bay Bicycle Master Plan process.  The South Bay Bicycle Coalition thanks Mayor Tucker, the City Council and staff of Hermosa Beach for their continued support. Next Up: The Cities of Lawndale, El […]