South Bay Bicycle Coalition Plus (SBBC+)

Creating safer streets for the active population

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The SBBC+ Mission

The South Bay Bicycle Coalition was organized by a group of passionate bicyclists in 2009 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with the primary goal of making city streets safer for bicyclists, by advocating for a network of connected bikeways throughout the South Bay cities. We are proud of our 12 plus years of service to The South Bay. In order to address the modern needs of the entire active population that utilizes City and municipal infrastructure for their mobility requirements, in May of 2021 the South Bay Bicycle Coalition Board of Directors voted to expand upon our original Mission. We will now be known to the communities we serve as SBBC+, to reflect our expanded mission of serving the mobility needs of all ages and abilities.

We still deeply care about cyclists and creating more connected bicycle infrastructure. But we also care about supporting and encouraging residents of all ages and abilities to participate in healthy activity, while reducing our reliance on fossil fuel-burning transportation options and advocating for mobility solutions for all.

Since the relaunch of SBBC+ we have been building key partnerships. We have been selected by Metro and Caltrans to be the community-based organization in the South Bay to conduct community engagement and collect public input on potential projects. We are partnering with Beach Cities Health District to prioritize health in the built environment. And we’re connected with broader coalitions like Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and Streets are for Everyone to expand our network.

With a new vision comes big plans. In the next year we plan to establish the South Bay Walks group that focuses on walking advocacy. We plan to collect, analyze collision data and create traffic safety report cards for each South Bay city. We plan to support youth and adult bicycle education. We plan to work with Metro and Caltrans to collect community input on upcoming projects. And we plan to set up administrative systems and processes to help us be successful.


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