The SBBC+ Education Programs are developed for Youth, Adults...Everyone!

Below are the resources and education programs SBBC+ is offering all members of our community the information they need to safely enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.

Youth Education

Before riding a bicycle, everyone should know the rules of the road. Remember in California everyone under the age of 17 must wear a helmet. Below are links to SAFE Moves, which shows the kind of youth education we support and Streets Are for Everyone, which hosts an annual student competition for the best traffic public service announcement.


E-bikes have quickly become a popular way for the young and old to get around town. Their large batteries and powerful motors make cycling accessible to a much broader audience. Please review and share the following information to keep e-bike riding safe for everyone.

Adult Education

Whether 18 or 85 you can always learn something new. Below are links to the League of American Bicyclists videos and reference sheets for everything from the safety check before starting to the ride home.

League of American Bicyclists Ride safety videos:

Riding Tips
- Get Ready to Ride
- Signaling and Scanning
- Lane Positioning and Intersections
- Starting, Stopping and Shifting
- Bike Parking and Sidewalks
- Traffic and Safety Tips
Bikes & Gears
- How to Choose a Bike
- Fitting and Adjusting Your Bike
- Bike Helmets
- What to Wear
- What to Bring
Driver Tips
- Dooring and the Dutch Reach
- Common Crashes
- Traffic Laws and Cycling
- Speed Limits: 20 Is Plenty
- Why are Bicyclists in the Middle of the Road
- Bike Lanes and Not for Cars
- We are All Human
Rules of the Road

SBBC+ Offers the Following Programs

SBBC+ Education programs offered are in partnership with the Los Angeles County Bicycling Coalition,

Safe Routes to Schools, LAUSD,  Streets are for Everyone (SAFE), and the SAFE-Moves organization


Programs sponsored by Beach Cities Health District & others wonderful organizations ……


  • Elementary schools (Pre-K thru 5), teach the traditional on-campus Bike/Pedestrian/ Scooter safety classes.
  • Middle and High Schools, work with PE and teaching staff to teach e-bike/Bike/Ped safety education classes (or hybrid of A & B).
  • Bike/Ped Rodeos/Safety Fairs, that might be sponsored by South Bay Cities, Police Depts, PTAs, Clubs, etc.
  • Work with SAFE to deploy a South Bay High School PSA Video Award Program.


  • Enforcement programs, where we work with local Police Departments and schools to offer Traffic School classes for people that received a citation while riding a bicycle (eBikes included).
  • Provide an Education HUB for bicyclists resources for all ages.
  • South Bay LA Metro BEST Education Classes (18 years & older)