The South Bay Bicycle Coalition was organized by a group of passionate bicyclists in 2009 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with the primary goal of making city streets safer for bicyclists, by advocating for a network of connected bikeways throughout the South Bay cities. We are proud of our 12 plus years of service to The South Bay. In order to address the modern needs of the entire active population that utilizes City and municipal infrastructure for their mobility requirements, in May of 2021 the South Bay Bicycle Coalition Board of Directors voted to expand upon our original Mission. We will now be known to the communities we serve as SBBC+, to reflect our expanded mission of serving the mobility needs of all ages and abilities.

NOTE:  The South Bay Bicycle Coalition, Inc is a California-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization: TIN 45-5578685. SBBC, PO Box 3821, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.


We will represent the active population of The South Bay Cities by encouraging cities, regional and state agencies, and municipalities to fund and build safer and more accessible mobility infrastructure. We will support and encourage residents of all ages and abilities to participate in healthy activity, while reducing our reliance on fossil fuel-burning transportation options, and advocate for mobility solutions for all.


  • NOT abandon our bicycling roots and continue to advocate for safer streets for all.
  • Continue to offer safety education programs for all ages and abilities. 
  • Advocate increasing public transportation options, while promoting multimodal and micro-mobility innovations.
  • Grow the SBBC membership and its supporters, and encourage other like-minded people and organizations to improve human health and the environment, making human activity as much fun as possible


  • Our name and commitment to the active community.
  • Making human safety our highest priority.
  • Building political clout and becoming more effective in working with community leaders.
  • Promote livability policies, such as Complete Streets, Traffic Calming designs, Vision Zero, and other progressive safe, quality of life, and healthy lifestyle initiatives.


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We value suggestions, ideas, and comments! Please send us your comments and feedback to: info@sbbcplus.org.