November 7th City Council Meeting

November 7th City Council Meeting

In the last 6 years, we have been pushing for different cities in the South Bay to implement safer routes to schools, parks, churches etc. Our goal is that ALL citizens feel safe in our cities with whatever mode of transportation they choose.


We are at a turning point with Manhattan Beach as the council is finally considering implementing more sharrows in the city. Based on a study from LA Department of Transportation:
“Sharrows improved the interactions between drivers and bicyclists in a number of ways: drivers passed bicyclists at greater distances, drivers allowed a greater tailing distance when following behind a bicyclist, tailgated a bicyclist far less often, took fewer aggressive actions, and were less abusive towards bicyclists.” — read the study

We need YOUR help to move this initiative forward!
The city staff has recommended community outreach instead of implementation. We have already had community outreach 6 years ago when the Bike Masterplan was approved by Manhattan Beach Council. This will cost more than just putting paint on the street. We want the City Council to know that they should prioritize safer streets NOW!
There are 3 ways you can help:
1. Speak up or show up for the meeting

Contact Mike

2. Leave a digital public comment for the council, we suggest the following comments under issue J.11 (Consider Addition of Shared Lane Markings…)

Leave a Public Comment

3. Write a letter to the City Council, with the same points suggested in (#2)

Write a Letter to Council

We are grateful for your support!

South Bay Bike Coalition