May 3: Bike To School Day For Manhattan Beach Middle School

We’re excited to work closely with Manhattan Beach Middle School, MBFD and MBPD for their 1st official Bike To School Day!

On May 3, all Manhattan Beach Middle School students are encouraged to Bike To School.

There will be a Biking School Bus going to school that day:

Please make sure your kid is REGISTERED by April 28 so we can assign you a meetup spot

All students who bike to school this day will get:

If your children are already riding their bikes to school, kudos to you and your children! Consider inviting other families who are not to join you on May 3rd ! If your children are not riding their bike to school, this is an opportunity to give it a try!

Review our bike safety tips document, and get your bikes and helmets tuned and ready to go! In addition to the health benefits associated with riding a bike, numerous studies show that kids who exercise before school starts are more focused and perform better in the classroom!