Bicycle Traffic School-2

Presently, the South Bay Bicycle Traffic School Program is only available for those who received a bicycle traffic citation from a Redondo Beach Police Officer or a Hermosa Beach Police Officer – more cities will be added in the future.

Note:  Currently, all classes are virtual and are video recorded.

==>NOTE:  The South Bay Bicycle Traffic School Program is currently on hold pending approval by the South Bay Traffic Court.
Please check back later, as we expect there will be program status updates available shortly.

If you received a traffic ticket while riding a bicycle, you have three options:

  • Option A:  Plead guilty, pay the fine and court costs, or
  • Option B:  Plead not guilty, post bail and set a trial date, or
  • Option C:  Complete a Bicycle Safety Class offered by the South Bay Bicycle Coalition, Inc.

Note:  If you choose Option C and complete the Bicycle Traffic School within the court-approved time, the court may dismiss your case. 

To activate Option C, you must first go to court and see the Traffic Judge.  Ask the judge for the Diversion Program that allows you to attend a Bicycle Traffic School. If allowed, sign up for and complete the class, then return to court with your certificate of completion for court dismissal.  You have 90 days from the date your citation was issued to complete the Bicycle Traffic School and present a certificate of completion to the Traffic Court Judge.

The fee for the Bicycle Traffic School is $50.

Payment is by PayPal or credit card upon registration using the form below. Note:  If you wish to pay by cash, please contact us at  or (424) 265-1324 to make arrangements before registering.

People who register for a class but do not show up will be given the opportunity to reschedule if within the 90-day window.  Those who do not complete the course within the 90-day window will likely have to pay the full fine and make a court appearance.

The class will last approximately 3 hours and will cover the following topics:

  • Causes of bicycle crashes
  • How to protect yourself when riding a bicycle
  • A well-maintained bicycle
  • Safe riding behavior
  • Cyclist’s responsibilities
  • Motorist’s responsibilities
  • Passive protection
  • Law & resources

NOTE:  This PILOT Bicycle Diversion Program is approved by some of the South Bay Police Departments and the South Bay Bicycle Coalition, Inc. and is intended to foster safer bicycling practices in the South Bay.  

Need more information? Please email us at before registering or call us (for Bike Traffic School-related questions only) at (424) 265-1324.